OMG the sheets are AMAZING! I'm in love. Surprisingly affordable luxury....Sarah IN

Excellent & so very soft! Sleeping on real silk is the best & so worth the price! I bought a set of king size sheets from this company as well! Worth the $400 price tag! Still cheaper than buying them from Bed bath & beyond online (which you can only buy online), Macy's or Nordstrom....Stephanie VA

I have ordered from this company for years and am always 100% satisfied . These pillowcases are Devine! I refuse to sleep on anything other than these silk cases. I've even ordered for family and friends.They,too,are believers ...Beverly

I absolutely love my sheets. Didn't want to get out of bed! Delivery was on time!...Cynthia

This sheet is the best, like sleeping in a cloud!...Dana

Unfortunately, we will never be able to buy anything but silk sheets now. They're gorgeous and extremely comfortable. Feeling Pampered offers great quality and ease of care. We washed them with a gentle detergent on cold, delicate and used the lowest setting on our dryer; they laundered beautifully...Valerie

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I recently purchased your pillowcases and just returned to your site to place another order. I am extremely happy with the quality of these pillowcases and I especially love how they are packaged, each in their own little bag. They packaging makes them perfect for gift giving which I have done already. Just ordered again so that I have some to take in my suitcase on vacation and for some upcoming birthdays. What I love most about your pillowcases, other than the soft silk, is the way they are designed with a pocket type flap to hold the case on the pillow. I am happy that there are no zippers, and the pillow can not slide out of the case. I can see the difference in my hair and skin as I am a restless sleeper. I no longer wake up with wrinkles from my cotton pillowcase etched on my face, or wild, frizzy hair like I used to. They treat my skin and hair gently and feel luxurious. They are easy to care for too and do fine in a gentle wash and low heat dryer. Thank you again and I will definitely recommend your site for quality silk pillowcases and sheets...Pattie

The pillowcase work!! Hair stays virtually unfazed and unused-no more bedhead!! Thank You!...Renate

This was a great purchase-I plan on buying again in the near future!! I am definitely "feeling pampered" with these decadent sheets! I recommend buying some woolite and a few lingerie wash bags (available at wally world) and washing in cold water on gentle cycle, then hanging up for a few hours, before tossing in your dryer on the fluff/air setting for 30 minutes. No problems! ...Deborah

Love these sheets. I had my best night's sleep on them. Well worth the money...Barbara

Second time buying these silk sheets. OMG!!!! I love them. They are worth the money. I gave away my other set to my sister in law and brother since I redid my bedroom and got a different size bed. They are a bit on the need to take good care of them, but they will survive a big baby pitbull and a mean old cat sleeping on them...Megan

This pillow is so nice and soft. It really does help retain moisture in my hair, my hair now last an extra 2 days before i have to do my wash...Yazmin

I have rosacea and these pillow cases are a god send. I have a few different ones. I travel with them also. Great quality...Linda

I love them and the quality is beyond excellent! I love the extra touch of the mesh dantiy bags they came in. You Re proud of your product and it shows! Of course I'll buy from you again. My hair doesn't tangle and sooooo soft and excellent Silk! I know my fibers and this one is wonderful...Donna

Packaged very nicely, each in its own lovely drawstring bag. They are one of the best purchases I've made yet. I have washed and ironed them several times and they are holding up great! Keeps the tangles out of my hair PLUS keeps my pillow cool. I just love them...Nancy

I've purchased many silk pillowcases over the years and this one is by far the best quality for the price. I've finally found the right brand and seller. The color is even nicer than the photo - a beautiful, warm beige. The size is generous. It came in a lovely mesh gift bag and after a gentle wash in cold water on the gentle cycle it was ready to use. I'm very pleased! ...Barbara

We purchased the mulberry silk queen sheet set in the champagne color and its perfect. They are absolutely exquisite. the quality of the mulberry silk charmeuse is very high - not too light and not too heavy either - just perfect. The pillowcases are a generous size and will fit any size pillow you have. Our mattress is 15 deep and the fitted sheet fits beautifully. It probably would fit an even deeper mattress, but this gives me plenty of room to tuck well under the mattress. The flat sheet also has plenty of room in the length to tuck in and still giving enough to fold over the blanket. That takes care of the necessities of a good sheet set, but says nothing about how wonderful it is to rest and sleep in silk. It is an indescribably wonderful way to sleep. Unless polyester satin sheets, one never gets too hot or too cold because the silk breaths along with ones body temperature. The silk makes changing position in the bed so easy and effortless. Theres no doubt about the fact that the sheets make everything in the bed a bit slippery, but we havent found that to be a problem because the sheets feel so wonderful and its almost effortless to move the sheet anywhere you want it. I doubt well ever sleep in anything but silk. Travelling and sleeping in regular sheets is going to seem as though were being cheated somehow. I highly recommend these sheets and I might add that youll probably not find a better price anywhere on line. Youll not regret your purchase, even if it does seem extravagant which it doesnt seem once you sleep on them....Sharon

Excellent customer service. I bought two extra pillowcases because they are amazing. They are so comfortable to sleep on. Highly recommended. If you want to wake up With fairly decent hair, this pillowcase helps prevent bed head. My hair looks almost like it did when I went to bed! Love the pillow cases❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ...Angela

Really love this silk pillowcase. I've noticed my face is not as dry in the morning since I started using it. With cotton pillowcases I would wake in the morning to very dry skin even though I apply a night moisturizer religiously. Also, my order arrived well ahead of the estimated delivery date. I will be ordering more of these pillowcases from this seller...Susan

Never sleeping on anything else! This is the first of many sets of silk sheets I'll be buying. They seem high quality and are great looking. Very happy with this purchase and well worth the price for the better night's sleep...Jon

Best set of silk sheets we've ordered in years! Definitely worth the price!...Kevin

These sheets are so incredible! I have fallen in love with my sheets and I LOVE going to bed now. In the morning, I slumber in my bed not wanting to get out. I have had problems sleeping for many years. I have what I think to be the best mattress in the world. It did help, but my bed was still missing something. I actually have been hunting for sheets for many years, but I didn't realize I could purchase silk, nor did I know much about it. I have tried so many different fabrics and threat counts etc. My second favorite for softness was some really plush microfiber sheets, but they kept me really HOT at night. When I came across silk, on a different web site, I started researching it a lot only to determine I HAD to try them.I found there are quite a few suppliers out there, but not knowing how I would feel about them until I slept on them, I didn't want to spend over a grand just to try them out. My search led me to FeelingPampered website. I then found all these great reviews on Amazon and was convinced I should try these. Feeling pampered offers outstanding quality at a great price and I'm so happy they do. I am happy to report that I too have fallen in love with these sheets. I look forward to laying in bed at night (which I haven't felt in many years). I will definitely buy more products from FeelingPampered...JS

Love this pillowcase. Very soft feel and texture. My skin feels better in the morning when I use it. I am not waking up with lines on my face or my hair terribly flattened. So glad I bought it. I feel that buying this to preserve my hair and to lessen the tugging and friction against my face that can add to looking more aged; this was well worth the price...Ora

Great set of silk sheets. Soft, smooth, and I have yet to get too hot or cold. I also have the Duvet cover in silk which is offered by Feeling Pampered as well! Both go excellent together. It has been quite humid in TN this summer and I have not got hot at night yet. I keep it about 70 inside the house. I would recommend this set if you are looking for a higher end product and silk...hvpeyton3

this pillow case is lovely! ive had an issue with pillow cases sucking the moisture out of my hair and this silk pillow case was the solution to that problem!!...Ryan

I recently ordered a set of silk sheets from your company; my first purchase of this type of item. I had considered this purchase for quite a while, concerned whether it would be worth the expense. Once I placed my order I was eager for the sheets to arrive and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my order shipped and, subsequently, arrived at my home. I immediately inspected and then washed the set [according to the instructions provided] and then put them on my bed. I was very pleased with how they fit my deep-mattress bed and impressed with the generous sizing. To say the texture of the fabric is luxurious is a grand understatement. These sheets are beyond brilliant! The first night I slept on them was the first night this summer I didn't wake up repeatedly feeling either too warm or too cool. Needless to say, I am thrilled with my purchase...Tracie

No more tangled hair or marks of sleep on my face. Color very regal. Get them you will be glad you did, a wonderful holiday gift!...Dyan

Love my silk case. Shipping was quick. My face feels great against the pillowcase and my hair is not so tangled in the morning...Tracey

This is the best sheet set I have ever owned: so beautiful, smooth and pleasant to touch! Can't make me get out of bed in the morning! Now I wonder how could I sleep without it? :) I definitely recommend this wonderful product to everyone...Iryna

These sheets are incredible. I needed faster shipping, and the seller contacted me in minutes. I love my silk sheets! They are so luxurious. So happy with this purchase and with Feeling Pampered!...Sara

Awesome. I live to slide into these sheets every night!....Marcy

If you have never slept on silk sheets you are missing out on some great nights of luxury. These are real and at a great price. Arrived ahead of schedule and in the original packaging.....Andrew

The Luxury Silk Pillowcase feels wonderful against my skin and keeps my hair from looking like "bed hair" after a good nights sleep. The price is very reasonable and delivery was prompt....Barbara

Love this !! this pillowcaseis sold at sleep n beauty website for 79 bucks ! Same product...Yvette

I traveled the world four times and have never found silk sheets as fine as these...Peter

These are the highest quality silk pillowcases in the industry. The packaging is beautiful. The customer service from Feeling Pampered is excellent....M.A.

The quality on these silk pillow cases is superior to any others we've found. The colors are rich and the presentation is very special. A wonderful gift very well received....Karen

These are the most luxuriously soft and smooth sheets ever...I feel as though I am sleeping on a cloud!..Christine

I was very hesitant to buy the sheet set without feeling the fabric first, so I purchased one of these pillow cases to test it out. I am in heaven. It's so soft, smooth, and cool; it feels like sleeping on a cloud. It is not starchy, rough, or hot. You can tell it is 100% real high quality silk. I am exceedingly happy with my purchase, and will be looking forward to owning the sheets soon after..Heather

My husband purchased these silk sheets for our 12th anniversary (silk is one of the traditional items to give for this year, as well as linens - 2 birds with one stone, so to speak) and they are the BEST sheets ever....Tracie

Wow, this item arrived 2 days after I ordered it. It was exactly as described and in perfect condition. Can't beat the price and quality- I've tried--Ana

Super fast shipping. Great product. I have VERY curly hair and it was always matted down with my old pillowcase. This pillow case is great and my hair looks like i just came out of a salon every morning. Would highly recommend!..Hilary

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Beautiful, incredibly soft, luxurious. My husband liked mine so much that I purchased one in Royal Blue for him and he loves it so much that he refuses to sleep on cotton pillowcases now. The odd thing is that he sweats like crazy at night but since he started using this pillowcase he has stopped sweating. After 38 yrs of marriage, this is a big change..Shirley

I have bought a few of these pillowcases and I love them. I machine wash on delicate and dry on low for 15 minutes and they come out perfectly. I cannot sleep without it on my pillow. My hair looks great after sleeping on this pillowcase..Sandi

We purchased some silk bedding (including a silk filled duvet) when in China a few about four years ago. The silk duvet cover and silk duvet fill have lasted very well and are wonderful on our cold winter nights.... but the sheets that came from the same facility didn't last nearly as long as this first set we purchased from you. So, granted it may be a couple of years between orders, but we'll definately be repeat customers. Once again, thank you for your wonderful support and providing a true quality product for a very reasonable cost...Cal

I am very/very pleased with these pillowcases....The quality is excellent....the colors are luxuriously rich.....They are in every way, superior to other competitors at much higher prices....Plus they arrive in an elegant mesh bag, that adds one more lovely element of refinement....I will absolutley order additional cases so I never have to sleep without them !...Christine

Highly recommended this is my 5th purchase from feelingpampered using amazon. I just bought another after. I have 6 Pillows. Most Luxurious Durable Softest Smoothest Silk pillowcase ever & 19MM=best Min. Momme Weight I got 2 Royal Gold, 2 Undye White, & the last is 2 Royal Navy Blue. I handwash them in cold water with LeBlanc Silk. Colors still stay true. I Air Dry them. Best Silk ever..Tia

the most comfortable, soft, snuggle worth sheets I've ever owned...well worth the expense...Maureen

This silk is as real (for the price) as you can get. I love it! I've machine washed it twice with Woolite on gentle and it's perfect. I put it in the dryer on low for a few minutes to fluff it and then hang it over my drying rack. I'd definitely recommend it...Linda

Wonderful pillowcase! My long, fine hair doesn't tangle nearly as much and my face doesn't have "sleep lines" anymore. Follow the washing instructions correctly and you'll have a seemingly new pillowcase every time....Michelle

We just received the silk pillowcase. I followed the washing instructions including the air drying. It was nice to see they do not wrinkle, yet I can still used quick shot of steam if necessary. The cases fit our fluffy down king pillows perfectly. The silk looks beautiful on the bed. After our first nights sleep, we are in love with them. So soft and silky. We will purchase again. Thank you so very much for this quality product!...Donna

I took a risk purchasing these silk sheets from FeelingPampered. Ordering sheets online is difficult as claims are claims but until you feel the product in person you are simply not able to make a clear decision about the quality of the product. Luckily for you, I have already taken the risk so you no longer have to. The quality of these sheets are absolutely superb. I moved to Albuquerque from Chicago and moved into my new apartment last night to discover the AC was broken. Unfortunately I can not sleep when it's hot and with work early in the morning and with 87 degree temperature any other sheets would have kept me too burning hot to sleep. The silk sheets allowed me to breath and stay cool despite the terrible heat. During the night temperatures dropped and by the morning my room was quite cold- but wrapped in my silk sheets I was warm and very comfortable. I've never used silk sheets before and have always used just cotton, the difference between the two is so vast that I will never purchase anything but silk in the future. The FeelingPampered brand is spot on with their product. The sheets feel very resilient to any kind of tear or ripping, they are unfathomably soft and when you're in the bed you don't slip and slide everywhere which is not what I expected from silk sheets. As a young guy (23) the stigma attached to owning silk sheets was not something I was particularly excited about introducing to my friends. However these jet black sheet are so razor sharp and masculine there is no shame at all with owning silks. It's the James-Bond suit of the sheet world. All in all, you're not going to be disappointed in anyway with this purchase. The only thing you're going to wonder is why didn't you purchase it earlier....Marc

I just got these sheets yesterday and they are awesom!!!! As soon as I lay on the bed I felt like royalty!!! These are the softest sheets I've ever had!!! They even look like sheets that royalty would have, with their taupe/gold color. These sheets are truly HEAVENLY!!!!! They are worth every single penny!!! If you want to sleep like a king or queen, I recomend you buy these sheets!!! You wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!...Daniel

I've had these silk sheets now for 7 months, and so far I'm very pleased. I've washed them regularly (on delicate with cold water), dried them on low heat, and have had no issues. I was worried about them tearing, but they are fairly strong. I twist and pull on the fabric quite a bit, and they seem to be holding up just fine. I would definitely buy them again. In fact, I'm upgrading my bed soon to a King size, so I'll be hunting down this equivalent brand in King size..Lee

Wow, I am so glad I found FeelingPampered. Researching silk pillowcases for curly hair was an experience. It obviously seems like imitation silk can be sold as silk in some sellers eyes. FeelingPampered prides themselves and rightfully so that they sell the real deal. Thanks, its perfect and arrived in a pretty bag. Luxury for my curly haired daughter!..Anne

I am really pleased with this pillowcase after just 1 night! I had started to notice a lot of dryness in my skin including lines on my face and my hairline was breaking off. I woke up today with smooth soft skin and my hairline was smooth-no hairs all over the place. Also my face was much cooler. Your processing time was fast, delivery was inexpensive and quick. Also, thanks for the guide explaining silk weight. I was going to order a silk pillowcase in 22 momme, that was 3 times the price of your pillowcase. Thanks to you, I now know that I don't need anything heavier than 19 momme. I will be ordering more pillowcases and hopefully silk sheets in the near future. Thanks, Colette

This is my second pillowcase from Feeling Pampered. I would not want to get one from anyone else. It feels so wonderful that you will never sleep on anything else again. They ship immediately, the organza bag with a rose bud is beautiful! There is not a bad thing that could be said about them. They are excellent..Mary Beth

I LOVE IT!!! I noticed results from my skin and hair after the first night!... E. Fernandes (silk pillowcase)

I love, love, love my silk pillowcase. After two nights of sleeping on it I've noticed less vertical wrinkles around my eyes and my hair is silky, shiny, and smooth. I can't say enough good things about your product. Thanks for making it available at such a reasonable price....K Smith

Most pampering silk sheets that I have ever slept in, great price too! One of my best buys for Christmas...G Gilmore

I just love the silk pillowcase I purchased . Im thinking of giving some for Christmas presents. It really does help to keep your hair from looking terrible when you wake up.And I havent woke up with a crease on my face since using the pillowcase either. Very fast shipping and I love the way they are packaged They will make a great gift. Thanks again..M. Jones

Wanted you to know how VERY much I am enjoying my pillow case. This is the only silk case I have found with such quality! It washes and dries beautifully also. Thank you for having this available with such great prices and service. I am now ordering one for my husband...Becky

You wont BELIEVE the high quality of the customer service from this small business! Her DEVOTION to making sure the customer was happy, the delivery went through and follow up is a rare thing in our world. Well done. And if you are actually reading this ...for goodness sake buy from her! Youll be happy. Shell be happy. Ill be happy. BTW, Im writing from Canada about a US company so you KNOW I wouldnt say it unless it was true! Gary R

Great prices, perfect gifts for my bridesmaids! She even called me right after I placed my order to give me some different options. Would definitely purchase from again!!-Christine T.

I love the silk shawls! We had our couples wedding shower this weekend and it truly did keep me and my mom (she borrowed the shawl) very warm. They are beautiful. I also absolutely love the silk pillowcases. I will be ordering these I know in the future to give as gifts to friends and family, to "Pamper" them, they are luxurious. Thank you also for your promptness in delivery its wonderful! You have a customer for life, I will spread the great news about your web site and products. I am VERY happy with everything I have purchased.- Cheri C.

I ordered silk pillowcases and they were perfectly luxurious. They were packaged beautifully and arrived very quickly. I give this vendor an A ! -Amber M.

Great service, I think I ordered on a Sunday and this seller e-mailed me the same day and the order was at my doorstep soon after. Nothing but good things to say about this seller. I definitely recommend them to others. The product has met my satisfaction and the price was good. Thank you once again- Bennett L

Silk travel pillow cover...three words...I'm in love! Actually my son is in love with it, but I steal the pillow when he isn't looking. My son used to have a silk baby blanket (from Nordstrom - retailed for around $160 7 yrs ago) that was the softest, cuddliest blanket ever. After too much lovin' & washin', it fell apart. He was devastated and I was never able to find that exact type of silk to try and make him a replacement one. He still mentioned that blanket occasionally, because it was his favorite. On a whim I did a search online and your site came up. I took a chance and ordered the pillow cover, positive it wouldnt' be super high quality as it was so inexpensive. Boy was I happily suprised! He has the silk cover over a little travel pillow and he keeps it next to his bed pillow to snuggle with as he falls asleep.I am definately telling friends about your site :-)Thanks again, Linda N.

Dear Feeling Pampered I am a fond shopper on your site, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy and recommend your site and products to everyone, being a Makeup Artist for Film & Television I am called upon for shoots all over the country, I recommend the gift packs to producers for the celebrity talent. I also work with many wedding photographers and sites. the gift sets for brides and their Wedding parties are exceptional, always a winner. Thank you for making me look and feel good in my Industry & personaly pampered in my life. I will continue to recommend your very personal and wonderful store...I love the approach with the tree lined streets..... Best regards, Virginia Alexander IP cosmetics Industry professional Cosmetics

I'm delighted with my new silk pillowcases, and KNEW I would be! I bought two of them from Feeling Pampered back in late Summer 2005, using them every day of the year since. As a television reporter, I can can count on these pillowcases to preserve my hairdo from the night before, and to keep my skin free of sleep wrinkles. Every night, without exception. Wow! I didn't exactly handle them delicately-- tossing them in with other clothes in the washing machine, then into the dryer. They remained in great shape all this time, but finally reached their expiration date this past week. Two days after ordering another pair, they arrived (for only $3.50 shipping), and they're beautiful. I am SO glad I can get such a high quality product, so quickly, at a great price. And, your service is friendly and helpful. Thanks again! Melissa in North Carolina

ervice was awesome, the shipping was quick, and the product was excellent!Thanks!-Jasmine D

Excellent products and worked with me to get exactly what I needed! Thanks for all of your help!, Christopher B.

Awsome product!Perfect seller! Highly recommend!, Tien L.

A real find.Lovely merchandise and personal friendly service.Highly recommended- Eva V.

Delivery was quick and inexpensive-Christopher D

Great shopping experience! Totally recommended! :-)- Jessica L.

Great service! Very Friendly!!! Catherine O.
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