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Merino Lanolin skin cream
Merino Lanolin skin cream
Merino Lanolin skin cream
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Product Description
Have you ever held hands with a sheep shearer? They are as soft as a newborn baby. Because the wool they handle all day is full of nourishing lanolin.

This skin cream is extracted from the Merino sheeps wool in New Zealand. The cream is very nourishing yet, not greasy. A great lotion to pamper your skins with as it is natures own moisturing and protective barrier. Every year, skilled shearers 'harvest' this wool by carefully clipping it from the Merino sheep-much as milk might be 'harvested' from cows or honey 'harvested' from bees. The Lanolin oil is then extracted from the wool, refined and used as the foundation for the Merino range of skin care. 7oz Jar.
Pure Cashmere
Ultra soft and super warm. Feeling Pampered's pure cashmere line delivers warmth without bulk....a true luxury item.

Our cashmeres are from Tibet and Mongolia. As a direct importer, we were able to offer price at half of retail. This is why our customers has been buying them in bulk as gifts!

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