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100% Cashmere Bed socks-Women
100% Cashmere Bed socks-Women
100% Cashmere Bed socks-Women
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$34.99, 6/$191.99

Product Description
Note to Shoppers: Please take advantage of our 6 socks deal where price will lower by $3.00 each if you order 6 or more. You can mix the colors of course , as soon as quantity hit 6 or more, price will automatically adjust

One size fit most. (6-9). Ankle length.

100% pure cashmere

Pure cashmere bed socks are a true novelty item, not for outdoor activity or shoe wearing. Because of the delicate fine fiber of cashmere, the socks are for bed only or while you are sitting. The feeling of pure cashmere warming your feet is priceless! Pure Luxury! In case you are wondering why our pure cashmere sock's price are so low, we are a direct importer of this item, therefore our price is only half of retail. If you plan to purchase in bulk, meaning 6 and more, price drops to an even better price of $31.99 per pair and you can mix the colors as long as your total adds up to 6 and more.

Each pair comes in a beautiful organza pouch, makes a wonderful gift.



Wash Instruction: Hand wash in cold water, air dry. We do not accept returns for worn cashmere socks. With the right care and usage, they will lasts for a while. They are high maintenance compare to regular socks but definitely worth the extra effort.